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[Place Matters]

 Place is about geography- but also about memory and imagination. Place is where culture is made, where traditions and histories are kept and lost, where identities are created, tested, and reshaped over time.

Meet the Pinnwheel Group

The Pinnwheel  Group's mission is to promote preservation of land through community based practices and promote education of self and environment awareness. By working with our community, we build a shared vision of outcomes and a commitment to one another’s growth and development. The Pinnwheel Group Inc. service population is in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

What we do

Each Pin of the Pinwheel represents one of our Core Objectives:

We provide Advocacy Services to Help homeless veterans, low income families, senior citizens, and adults in shelters obtain benefits, health services, and career placement. 

We Provide Housing For:

  • Homeless Veterans
  • Low Income housing for Families
  • Senior Citizen Housing

Each individual receives a Case Manager to secure transitional and permanent housing. 



We provide visual and performing arts programs for the youth and prepare children and young adults for the future in the field of Science Education. 

We educate families on the value of generational wealth through land ownership by providing agriculture programs, farming, and forestry initiatives.

The Sustainable Forestry and African American Land Retention Program (SFLR) improves forest management by connecting African American landowners to established networks of forestry support including federal and state government programs, businesses, and nonprofit conservation, legal, and community development organizations. 


Upcoming Programs

S.E.E.D.S Project- Philadephia

The purpose of the project is to create equitable resources for African-Americans in low income communities that are overwhelmed with the effects of gentrification

Expansion-Homeless Veterans Program

Pocketbook with a Purpose

This project gives pre-filled pocketbooks to homeless women and teenagers in need. We provide toiletries and necessities in each purse.

Build Generational Wealth

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